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Good Dog! Service Canines has proven that their sweet pups are not only wonderful companions and supporters, they are also matchmakers! This month, we highlight Sabrina and Mack and their Good Dogs, Romeo and Grom, to share how man’s best friend also plays a crucial role as a “wingman.”

Sabrina was paired with Good Dog! Romeo when she was 14. She chose the fitting name because she knew from the moment she laid eyes on him, he was the love of her life. Mack and Good Dog! Grom became a team when Mack was 14 too. Sabrina and Mack, as well as their families and their dogs, met through Good Dog!, and grew closer under the support of the family-oriented organization. On March 11, 2018, they both attended the Good Dog! family picnic, during which they realized they actually lived near each other. Soon after, Sabrina and Mack began dating! Coincidentally, also in attendance at the picnic that day was San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond, who declared the date Autism Service Dog Day. What a special day for Sabrina, Mack, and their Good Dogs!

After dating for a couple of years, Mack decided it was time to make a big move. Prom was just around the corner, and he wanted to create a “promposal” to ask Sabrina to the dance. However, no promposal would be complete without the help of wingman Grom. Mack placed a sign around Grom’s neck that read “PROM?”, gathered plenty of balloons, and went to Sabrina’s home to “pup” the question. Mack was nervous, but Sabrina was delighted. She accepted, and in no time at all, Sabrina, Mack, Romeo, and Grom were dancing the night away!

Sabrina and Mack’s story is an example of how Good Dog! service dogs can act as a social bridge to create interpersonal connections and build confidence in social situations, whether that be returning to school, making new friends, or even attending the school prom. Without their Good Dogs!, Sabrina and Mack may never have found each other, let alone attended the prom together. Luckily, Romeo and Grom saved the last dance for them, and the four friends were able to experience a magical evening!

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