Celebrating, honoring and remembering loved ones and special someones.


In celebration of all the dads out there - Happy Fathers Day!!!! - Megan Shibley

To Paul, wishing you a fantastic upcoming birthday and many more! Love, Nanci & Jack & Alfie & Ziggy

"In celebration of my amazing ‘Hines Family’" - Happy Holidays - Kathy O'Kelley

"Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite 2 guys in the whole world! I LOVE YOU!"

"HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ANDREW!!! Best Wishes for a great year!!!"
Love, Brendan, Ryan, Pam & Jim

"Happy Birthday Andrew! Your are a good friend and I wish you a wonderful year! Your friend," Josh Friedman

"to Libby and Ollie - from our boys in heaven, Buster and Samson" - Perry Neal

Merry Christmas from the Deckers!

"In celebration of my amazing ‘Hines Family’" - Happy Holidays - Kathy O'Kelley

​"In Celebration of Ace" - Bill and Kathy Ten Pas

"In Celebration of Marley" - Bill and Kathy

"Happy B'day Selena Billings" - Brenda
​"Selena Marie's 30th Birthday!" - Natalie

"In celebration of Wyatt and Blaze" - Dina
​"In celebration of Wyatt McIntyre" - Wyatt Jennifer

Carly and August by Kim Haller

T4A Team Than What (Shelly)

​Cade Bryson

Pantone and Sheila Stenger by Alison

Madalyn Wade

Happy holidays, Pat!!!  by Mary

​Justin Gendelman  by Patrice


In memory of Kellan - Bob & Paul

"In memory of Umberto" - Christopher Matt Sullivan

In memory of Umberto. Wishing his family peace and comfort during this difficult time. Our Deepest Condolences, Tyson True Chews Team

"Maverick was such a "good boy" and so well-loved. We know you will miss him dearly. He was beautiful and loving and will live on in your memories forever. So Jersey wanted to make sure we did something special to carry his spirit forward." - Yvonne Elkin

"In Memory of Sweet Tully" - Kathy O'Kelley

"In memory of Russ Mancini" - Kathy

"In memory of sheila" - Pat Newton "for sheila" - Bill and Kathy Ten Pas


In Honor of Jodi Matsuoka DVM

With much love and appreciation, The Guarnotta family for Bella

"In Honor of Brandon Sanchez" - Mary Hodges Derose

"In Honor of Emma Canales" - Genesis Sanchez

Dec 2019: "In honor of my dear friend Mary during this holiday season and always. Thank you for your optimism and generous heart. And best wishes to Good Dog! Autism Companions and its compassionate community!" - Pat Newton

Nov 2019: "Happy Holidays dearest Pat - I can't imagine anything more fitting than supporting Paula's favorite charity and helping people who need canine friends - Much love to you as we end 2019 and toast to the new year" - Mary

Dec 2018: "In honor of my friend Pat Newton" – Mary Logan

Dec 2018: "In honor of my friend Mary Logan" - Pat Newton

"In honor of Astro and her puppy raiser Michele. Astro is a wonderful companion for our family and is training for a therapy dog. We love her!" - The Myers

"In honor of what Good Dog! Charlie has done for Cade." - John John

In honor of the LAPD Topanga Division SLOs  by Max & Sebastian



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