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Who We Are

Good Dog! was founded by a family with an autistic son who experienced a miraculous transformation after getting a service dog.  We've formed  a nationwide team of professionals with a shared love for the human-canine bond and passion to empower those dealing with disabilities. 



Good Dog! Service Canines helps children with disabilities and their families live better lives through service dog companionship.



We commit wholeheartedly and compassionately to each being that we serve through our organization. It's in this spirit the conditions for healing and transformation can best occur. We use only positive training methods for our dogs and our people :-)



The Good Dog! Human Team is comprised of amazing individuals who care beyond measure. We are all striving to be the people our dogs think we are. 



The Four Legs We Stand On

Competency – We are reliable, intelligent, successful

Authenticity – We are sincere, honest, transparent

Resiliency – We are adaptable, resolute, strong

Empathy – We are inclusive and care beyond measure



Good Dog! Autism Companions, now Good Dog! Service Canines, is the natural result of our family's journey with autism. Like so many families with ASD children, we have explored numerous therapies and modalities in our attempt to find just the right combination to unlock and unleash the beauty living within our son, Elliot. Our journey led us to getting a service dog for him. The decision has delivered on all we had hoped for and so much more.  Elliot's service dog, Orbit, actually unleashed our entire family. The lessons we've learned in acceptance, unconditional love and deeper understanding are life changing. It's with great joy that we now share our experience and our teams’ expertise in service dog relationships. The results we are seeing through our programs across the country have been life-changing for all of us involved. We are truly blessed to be serving those in our community.

We are so grateful to all of you who have helped support our vision and our programs! Thank You! 
- Rick and Laura Sylvester

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