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What's a Successor Dog?

In February, we marked a significant moment in our organization's history as we proudly placed our first successor dog! What is a successor dog?

A successor service dog, also known as a successor dog, is a specially trained canine companion that succeeds or takes over the responsibilities of a retired or deceased service dog. Just like our first time service dogs, these remarkable dogs undergo extensive training to assist children with disabilities, providing essential support tailored to their specific needs. Successor service dogs play a vital role in enhancing the independence and quality of life for their handlers. With their unwavering loyalty, intelligence, and compassion, successor service dogs continue the legacy of their predecessors, forming life-changing bonds with those they serve.

Last month, Good Dog! Rhody, sponsored by HinesWest, graduated with his BFF Alison. Rhody will carry forward the legacy of our program while Kaldr transitions into retirement as the family’s cherished pet. This monumental achievement reflects the dedication of our trainers and the generosity of our donors, whose unwavering support makes these life-changing connections possible. (Far right photo: Kalder with his successor Rhody)

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Next week, we are poised to achieve yet another milestone as we prepare to place our second successor dog, Good Dog! Summit. Summit will travel to Washington to join Branden as his successor Good Dog!

Both Alison and Braden will take their successor dogs to college after their first service dogs helped them navigate high school with flying colors.

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