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All gifts are received with the greatest of gratitude on behalf of our families!


Visit our Needs and Sponsorship page for more information about how your donations help!

Thank you for your contribution to the Good Dog! Scholarship fund!

All general donations that go to the Good Dog! Scholarship Fund help families in need receive the life-changing benefits of a service dog! Your gift helps provide much more than a canine service dog; your help provides a bridge for a child to connect to the world!

Every day, families accepted into our program are fundraising so their child can receive the life-changing effects of a service dog.  It costs Good Dog! Service Canines on average $32,000 to raise, train and partner a service dog with a child & family. This includes intensive family education and post-placement support. Each family pays a "Fee for Service" that only covers half of our total cost. So, your help makes a big difference for them all.




There is a processing fee when you donate online. You can easily avoid this fee by donating by mail.

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