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Good Dog! Fundraising Toolkit

The Pawfect Day to Fundraise for Your Good Dog!


Celebrated every year on March 11th, Autism Service Dog Day encourages people to celebrate the work of these amazing pups with worldwide awareness-raising and fundraising events for autism service dog organizations. We've created the resources below to help you turn this day into an online giving day promotion for your child's Good Dog! fundraiser.

Planning For Success

All successful fundraisers start with a goal. 

Think about what you would like to accomplish during this one-day fundraising campaign.


  • What specific amount do you want to fundraise in 24 hours? 

  • Is there a certain number of donations you'd like to reach?

  • How much money do you need to raise to get to your next fundraising milestone?

Be specific in your what you're asking for so your supporters can see a direct impact. 

Some examples of monetary-based milestones include:

  • reach $8k milestone to be placed on the official waitlist

  • to complete your family's $16k fee for service requirement

  • to help Good Dog! raise the additional scholarship funds given to each participating family to fulfill their $32k family-dog program cost

Establishing your Autism Service Dog Day fundraising goal and explaining how it benefits your child's overall Good Dog! fundraising campaign will help your supporters understand why it's important to rally behind you on this special day. 


Fundraising Templates

Save time with our pre-written fundraising campaign. Simply download these resources and customize the templates with your personal story. 

Promotional Timeline

Email Templates

Social Media Content

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We created the resources above to help you easily plan and execute a successful 24-hour online fundraiser. However, feel free to get creative in celebrating Autism Service Dog Day with other types of fundraising events that fit your personal resources. While in-person fundraising may not be feasible due to Covid restrictions, these additional fundraising ideas may spark some ideas for you and, with some creativity, could be turned into virtual events.

Restaurant Nite

Ask your favorite restaurant to donate 15% of their profits on March 11th to your fundraiser. Many restaurants already have programs set up for these kinds of fundraisers, making this idea easy to implement.

Puppy Hour

Ask your favorite outdoor bar to host a fundraising event where your guests can bring their pups along to drink, eat, and socialize. You can raise funds by charging admission at the door, asking for donations during the event, and/or having a raffle with fun dog-related prizes.

Bake Sale

Ask a local bakery if they will donate the sales of an "item of the day" like cupcakes or cookies to your fundraiser. Or, if you like to bake and approach a local mid-to-large sized company to see if you host a bake sale on their site during the day (or at lunchtime). 

Pet Picture Day

Set up a "studio" with your pet store or veterinarian and ask a local photographer if they will donate their services for a good cause. You can create fun props to use during the shoot. Raise funds by charging a fee for the pictures. 

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