Family Fundraising Support Center

Welcome, Good Dog! Families

Fundraising can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience; the entire Good Dog! family is here to assist you throughout your journey. 

We created this support center to provide you with quick access to our fundraising resources. Additionally, please take some time to watch the Good Dog! Fundraising Orientation that goes over the fundraising process, important information you need to know, and how to take the first steps in launching your successful fundraising campaign.

As always, please feel free to email me with any fundraising questions at

Wags + gratitude,

Kimberly Bordonaro
Family Fundraising Coach


Get personalized help with your goal planning, fundraising collateral, event development, brainstorming, motivational support, and more. 




Tools to launch your

Good Dog! Fundraiser

Good Dog! Media Kit

Assets and information for working with the media



Branded templates to promote your Good Dog! Fundraiser

Private Family Facebook Group

Ask questions and get insights from Good Dog! Families



Materials to plan and execute fundraising events with ease

Good Dog! Fundraising F.A.Q.s

How do I set-up my fundraising webpage?

Upload your website fundraising story via the Worksheet Portal to start the process. Kimberly will work directly with you in setting up your fundraising site.

Where should check donations be sent?

Checks should be made out and sent to:

Good Dog! Autism Companions
RE: [Your Child/Family Name]
855 South Main Avenue, Suite K-162
Fallbrook, California, 92028

IMPORTANT: Checks must indicate your family or fund name so we know to assign the donation to your fundraising requirement. ​

Why hasn't my donor's check been deposited?

Checks are deposited and recorded once a month. Your donation may have been sent after that month's deposit was made and will be recorded and deposited with the following month's checks.

Why was my donor's check deposited but not showing up on my website?

If the check was received without your family or fund name indicated, it may have been deposited to the general fund. Email Kimberly if you believe this has happened.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to notify us of corporate matching and DAF donations, and to remind your supporters that they must indicate your family or fund name in the memo portion of their check.

What should I do if my donor's company offers corporate matching?

Different companies have different matching ratios, deadlines, and criteria for their matching programs. Advise your donor to check with their human resources department for their company’s specific information.

IMPORTANT: When we are notified of the corporate match donation, it may not include the family or child name. It is your responsibility to make sure we are aware that a match is expected for your child.

Are donations to my child's fundraising campaign tax-deductible?

Good Dog! Autism Companions DBA: Good Dog! Service Canines is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. Federal Identification Number: #45-2627922

It is our understanding that earmarked donations for a specific child's fundraiser are not tax-deductible. However, some donor advisor funds and corporate matching programs have indicated that they are. Please consult with your tax professional and tell your donors to do the same if they have questions, as we can not give tax advice.​

Why shouldn't I use the Facebook Fundraising Platform?

Unfortunately, Facebook does not send us the appropriate information needed to accredit funds to the appropriate family fundraisers. When promoting your fundraiser on social media, please send people directly to your online fundraising website. ​

When will my child get on the waitlist?

When your fundraiser reaches $8k, your child/family is placed on the official Good Dog! waitlist. The typical wait is 2 years, which is in alignment with standard wait times in the service dog industry. That means you can expect your service dog will come home to your family about 2 years after reaching this milestone.

What happens when my fundraiser reaches $16,000?

When you meet your $16k Fee for Service requirement your child/family will be put into all matchings from this time forward as long as your child is 5 1/2 years or older. You will receive an email notification from Laura Sylvester regarding next steps.

If your fundraiser has momentum still going, please reach out to Kimberly to discuss ways we can work together in possibly raising the final $10k of your family/dog program cost. This is not a requirement but it does help Good Dog! with our fundraising efforts and mission to help as many children and families receive their Good Dogs! ​

What do i do if I have a question not related to fundraising? (ex: matching process, team training week, service dog training, etc.)

You can attend as many online Family Orientation Meetings as you would like. Many families repeatedly attend these orientations at different stages of the Good Dog! process. They are generally held the first Monday of each month. Reserve your spot here:

Why should I use Good Dog's fundraising platform instead of others like GoFundMe?

GD! Fundraising Platform

• Donors will see you are legitimately connected with Good Dog! • Progress trackable by GD! and you • We set it up for you and provide website copywriting assistance, if needed

Fundraising Platforms like GoFundMe

• MYTH - charitable donors give to strangers they find on platforms like Go Fund Me • You could get taxed on the donations • We can not accept individual check donations

Why is there a transaction fee for online donations?

Flipcause collects a small website transaction fee of 4.9% + 30 cents per transaction, which covers all credit card fees including American Express and international payments. They guarantee that this is the lowest in the industry, which is why we use them for our fundraising platform. Supporters have the option to cover this fee but if they do not want to, they have two options: 1) they can click the "edit" link in the box that says " I'd like to cover the processing fee so 100% of my contribution goes to Good Dog! Autism Companions." and then select "I don't want to cover the processing fee", or 2) they can waive the small credit card fees by mailing a check made out to Good Dog! Autism Companions, 855 South Main Avenue, Suite K-162, Fallbrook, California 92028. Donors must indicate your child or family name in the memo line of their check so we know to apply the donation to the appropriate fundraiser.

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