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Service Dogs

Service dogs are specially trained for families of children with autism and related disabilities. All service dogs are placed as teams of three that include the dog, child, and a parent/caregiver who lives with the child and serves as the primary dog handler. 


Applications are currently closed, please check back Fall 2024.



Service dogs are placed as teams of three with families of children with autism and related diagnoses, such as but not limited to Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Apraxia, and ADHD. Good Dogs are specifically trained to perform tasks to mitigate these disabilities.


We believe that each family should be considered individually. Just as our kids are one-of-a-kind, so is each family's situation.

Read our full client eligibility policy here


How much does it cost to change a life?


It costs an average of $32,000 to raise, care for, and train each dog and provide education and support for each family throughout their service dog's life.

For those who can't pay or raise the entire $32,000, Good Dog! is happy to help fundraise through the Good Dog! Families Scholarship Fund. Recipients are responsible for covering a minimum of $16,000 towards their program cost. 

Good Dog's goal is for recipients to receive their service dogs at little or no cost to them, which is why we offer individualized coaching and resources to families that wish to fundraise. Fundraising is never required; however, many families report that the love and support they receive through the fundraising process can be a healing process in itself.

Please note that recipient travel expenses are separate from the service dog program costs. Families are responsible for covering their travel, lodging, and food expenses for the 5-day Team Training in Southern California. 




We use only positive training methods for our dogs, no prong collars, collar corrections or fear or pain-based training of any kind. We use Bonnie Bergin's training methods and philosophies as taught at Bergin University of Canine Studies

We are a candidate of Assistance Dogs International and follow their guidelines for dog training and care, and team and support standards.  

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