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Why Wednesday?

Yesterday started out like a regular day at the office, I was working on grants, puppy transports, free chats, fundraising coaching, etc. etc. ... and then it started.


11:31 Good Dog! Charlie's Mom

12:57 Good Dog! Sully's Professional/Mom

1:00 Good Dog! Blaze's Mom

1:54 pm Good Dog! Eddie's Mom

It's not unusual for Rick and I to receive text messages from our families on a regular basis, but it's highly unusual for 4 to come in one day within hours of each other. So we wondered, why Wednesday? Why now? We decided it might just be the best time ever to share the hope and promise that comes with a Good Dog! It was a sign to spread some heartwarming news from North Carolina, West Virginia, New Orleans, and the Pacific Northwest with YOU who help us make it all happen! So THANK YOU for your continued support and love for our families and dogs. And enjoy the messages below!!

TEXT #1 from Good Dog! Charlie's Mom: Excited to tell you we (as a team of 3) just passed the military base public access test! It was basically just the ADI test- but we had 6 military police officers following us through two stores and Charlie did incredible! They tried hard to intimidate me but I remained calm and focused and so did she 😊! Thank you so much ️💕 you have trained me so well and Charlie is just incredible - YOU should be so super proud of Good Dog! I am very proud of our whole team and how well you trained me! I cry every time I think about it- shocking, right?? Charlie has changed our lives in ways I could not have ever dreamed 💕 I have to also tell you both- I went to pick up her official base documents today and Charlie is the ONLY service dog on our base approved for the entire base. 💕

TEXT #2 from Good Dog! Sully's Professional:

You would be SOOOO proud of your boy today. It was the first Yoga class for this year and we are FULL!!! Word is out we (our school) are doing great things for kids.... anyway... I could go on for days... but, one new little friend that we have has a really hard time staying focused. He has been through 3 schools and has had some really bad luck. He has taken to Sully... and Sully to him💙 So today we all went out for yoga, big deal when we have runners:) and it was MAGICAL. Sully stayed RIGHT WITH HIM! When he was distracted, he just reached down and touched his ear or his back and then went back to it. I cried, the teachers cried, the yoga teacher cried. It was so perfectly beautiful. So thank you again for having passion all wrapped up in compassion. 🐶💙

TEXT #3 from Good Dog! Blaze's Mom:

"Look at this! This is Wyatt in TYPICAL 1st grade!!! Blaze has been a major help for him in the class!! He is doing so well!! And Blaze is doing so awesome at school."

TEXT #4 from Good Dog! Eddie's Mom:

If you get tired of these messages let me know. My mom is in town visiting and is amazed by how much things have changed for Oskar with Eddie. "His life is a wholly different experience with that dog, it's so incredible." 😊🐶

We went whale watching out in the San Juan Islands yesterday. It was a lllloooooonnnnggggg travel day - 12 hours total. A trip that would've been impossible for us before Eddie came. Oskar not only survived it, he had fun. And when Mabel got scared on the boat, Oskar told Eddie to cuddle with Mabel and it helped. On the ferry ride home from the islands, Oskar's encopresis flared up so he rode most of the trip upside down until he settled. I know you can't really see it in the series of shots, but Eddie was paws on the whole time. He was holding oskar's hand between his paws while Oskar had rested his head on them. 💕

It was a great day with lasting memories. Thank you for starting Good Dog. Thank you for the work you do. Thank you for the dedication you put into building our families into a community. With lots of wags and gratitude!


Of course, my reply to Good Dog! Eddie's Mom was, "We never tire of messages like these! This is why we do it! Keep 'em coming and kiss Eddie for us!" Once again, I want to thank all of you who support our work and our families! Moments like these are possible BECAUSE OF YOU! With Big Wags and Gratitude,

Want to help make more moments like these for children and families living with autism? Simply click on the button below to see the different WAYS TO GIVE. Thank you!

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