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"I Wanna Yung!”


verb, yung’d, yung·ing, yung·able

1. to place one’s chin on top of another’s head and pop the chin and jaw open and closed repeatedly

2. a method of stimming that usually requires the yunger to gently swept the hair back off of the yungee’s forehead

3. an expression of affection given to companions who have proven to be trustworthy, loyal and have loving intentions

Elliot invented the yung two years ago. He also coined the term “yung” and has been yunging daily since its inception. It all started with just me, Mom. To this day, I still don’t know what the antecedent is or if it satisfies some kind of a sensory need. I can’t tell if it’s intended to be a form of affection or not. What I do know is that during the past year, he has expanded his authorized yungees to a select few. And, I know that if you ask anyone who has been yung’d, they will tell you it IS, indeed, a loving gesture on some level.

A yung session may occur at anytime day or night, including out of a deep sleep at 3am, and is usually announced by E with a resounding “I WANNA YUNG!” At other times, a yung may sneak up on a yungee from behind and be unannounced. The action starts with Elliot’s arms wrapped around your head, like a big ol' hug for your brain. It feels wonderful. Elliot’s play therapists celebrate and announce when they first get yung’d, as it is considered a joyous and momentous occasion - as if they have been personally chosen to join a very select group of VIPs. Now, you may be thinking that this all sounds a little egotistical for me to write, since I was the first inductee of the exclusive yung club. However, I think I was just the default pioneer guinea pig type member. I was not chosen as ‘worthy of the yung’ like the others. Rick was even selected after yunging was an elitist faction. GEEEZ! And now, Elliot has decided to bestow yungdom on Orbit. What a great day! It must be noted that in preparation for Orbit’s arrival at our home, Elise practiced yunging on Orbit while he was a puppy-in-training, so he would be ready when duty called. Of course, we never knew if Elliot would choose to yung on Orbit, but he has - and we’re celebrating the bond that a good yung creates. Orbit has proven yungable, hooray!

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