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How We Braved the Middle School Dance!

By Good Dog! Grom's Mom, Jenny

We survived! Here we to the side, so that we can be invisible and unobtrusive at the middle school dance. We waited until line got low, then entered. Good Dog Grom was great. Me, I was a little like "Bill the Cat" due to the 500 plus, sugar jacked up tween and teenagers.

Grom was an excellent representative and there when Mack needed to come back for hugs and just to sit by him. The kids were very nice as were staff and volunteers I met. It was nice for them to see that Grom truly is very well-behaved service dog and I told them that I take my role as main lead seriously, am here to keep dog to the side and where he can help Mack, and not intrude on others. Very proud of Grom. Grom was so good when we truly had our first, close to 6 foot tall, middle schooler squealing as she bum rushed Grom and I. He was so good, he stayed with me and zipped up the stairs, he knew to ignore her. Sorry...but you cannot squeal and bum rush a service dog...that's when you see me and Grom pull the "ghost trick"...we disappear. Thank you to trainers, Good Dog! and puppy raisers. Mack did his dance, dealt with sensory and continually checked in with Grom and I. It was a good growth time for Mack and myself. I was a little nervous about going, but trusted what Grom knows and what you taught me. Thank you. Mack made new friends tonight, introducing his dog and I had some really good conversations with classmates that "kind of" knew my child and now they know him a little more. Thank you, love Grom and family

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