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Disney with a Service Dog

Excerpts from a blog of top 10 vacation reflections – Written by Natasha McIntyre

We experienced our first Disney World trip with a service dog! We are novice Disney vacationers, only being our second trip. With that said, I had no earthly idea how to do Disney with a service dog. I packed lots of treats, his shoes, a travel water bowl, and my confidence… 9) Blaze made such a difference for Wyatt. I was amazed by how much of the parks Wyatt walked, how he got on and off the rides with more confidence and overall so much more calm and happy. Most people were so much more patient with us and provided smiles instead of stares…

…To the mom waiting to get our racecar, after we were finished. Who was surprised when a dog’s head popped up from the floorboard. Who saw the panic on my face as I tried to figure out how to appropriately get Wyatt, Blaze, and myself out of the tight space. Who saw the fear in my eyes as I was wondering how I was going to ride these rides with Wyatt and Blaze for 5 days. Who said, “Mom, good for you! Awesome that you are doing this for your son.”; Thank you! Those words were so needed!!!

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