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Blue Horizons Scavenger Hunt

by Good Dog! Luna and Chatham's Mom Ingrid

We participated in the ATPF, JetBlue Blue Horizons sponsored scavenger hunt at the San Diego Airport on April 30, 2017. There were about 20-25 families who participated in total. This was a totally fun day! Thank you to the amazing organizations that put on this event!

It was well organized and started pretty much on time. We started the day checking in to Jet Blue and receiving Boarding passes plus special ID’s on lanyards. They made great souvenirs! A photographer meandered around and took photographs of families and the check in. We were given a map of stations to visit within Terminal 2. We went through TSA with Good Dog! Luna, Chatham's service dog! (Note, the vest needed to go through xray).

Everyone at TSA was wonderful and patient. We meandered through the airport stopping at various stations which were staffed by volunteers. Chatham received a sticker on the map and a small goodie at each station. There were snacks and water all the way. We loved the Reflection room, which was sound proof, so we stayed in there a while to regulate and regroup. We ended the hunt at gate 36 Jet Blue. It was staffed by the same flight attendants that checked us in for boarding passes. They were upbeat and patient at the same time. The director of TSA spoke about TSA Cares and how anyone with a disability could contact them at least 3 days in advance to have assistance with screening. The number (1-855-787-2227) and email work for anywhere in the country. It was worth going to find out this nugget of information! Staff from Jet Blue held a raffle and few lucky parents received some hand held back massages.

It was a fun, different day! It was neat to practice inside the terminal and not go anywhere. The volunteers were friendly and helpful. We were tired but exhilarated to participate in this fun event. We look forward to going again next year!

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