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What is Being Bueno?

THANK YOU for visiting my blog!! I will always do my best to bring you the inside scoop on how we put the good in Good Dogs! Because in the day-to-day, it can be a challenge finding time to honor the small miracles that make the good come to life. And from my perspective, life is always about being Bueno, of course. So, I promise to dutifully stand post and keep you in the know.

To begin, you may find it quite interesting how I came to life. So let me introduce myself more fully. As you may know, the brain trust at Good Dog recently did some deep dives into the nature of their being. A good rebranding demands commitment in this way. During their search some interesting materials presented themselves. Perhaps the most formative came from an exercise in identifying their own archetypes.


ar·​che·​type | \ ˈär-ki-ˌtīp n.

psychology: an inherited idea or mode of thought that is derived from the experience of humanity and is present in the unconscious of the individual

Whoa! Now that’s a little heavy. In short, the various archetypes describe what makes each of us tick - and thereby form our personalities. For Good Dog! that meant finding the archetype that best resonated with them as an organization … a brand personality, if you will. Without going into too much more detail, there are 12 main archetypes to choose from. What was surprising is that Good Dog discovered they needed two archetypes … not just one for the organization, but in addition one that represented their service dog heroes as a group all by themselves. Since today is about me, and I’m representing all my Good Dog buds, and I’m explaining how I was born into life, you’re getting that one. If you have a Good Dog! near to your heart, please think of them as you read along.

Archetype of the Healer: Angel, Caregiver, Guardian, Samaritan

Strengths: Inspiration, Empathy, Faith, Passion, Wholeness

The Healer is essentially a conduit toward wholeness. Acting as a catalyst in which nature is the ultimate healer, this archetype does not do the actual healing but creates the conditions, belief and structure for healing to happen. Sensitive and empathic to people’s emotions, the Healer has an intuitive and learned capacity for transforming pain into restoration. The healer possesses a powerful vision of ease and health, and it focuses on the positive, the complete and the well aspects of the world.

And that’s what Being Bueno is all about! Love you all. See ya next time.

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