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Training Tip Tuesday -- Chews

by Samantha Quackenbush, Good Dog! Lead Trainer

UPDATE: Dogs under 4 months should not be given the Nylabone Dinosaur or any other Nylabones with little nubs

Dogs love to chew! In fact, it is healthy for them to keep their jaws exercised! The problem is finding that perfect chew for them that is both satisfying and safe for your dog to chew!

Rawhides, bully sticks, hooves, ears, cooked bones...are all unsafe products to allow your dog to chew on. Most are covered in salmonella along with the many chemicals used to treat them so that they are shelf stable. Not to mention the fact that they splinter, or your dog can chew off large pieces which can get stuck in their throat or digestive tract- which would have to be surgically removed! In my opinion, the safest item to allow your dog to chew is a Nylabone. They are made out of nylon, and most are flavored. In addition to being a safe chew, they also double as a teeth scrubber! They are designed to fray and even break off rice size pieces (which are non digestible, but will pass right through your dogs system) creating an abrasive surface that helps to keep your dogs teeth squeaky clean! They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. My dogs favorite shape is the dinosaur! You can purchase them at most pet stores, but I find them at the lowest price on!

As with any item, only allow your dog to have under supervision! - Sam

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