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Puppy Love: Brittney & Brad

Dog with engagement ring on nose
A perfect paw-prosal

Love and passion are at the heart of our work at Good Dog!

The Good Dog! training program is unique because our dogs live with their trainers in a family-like atmosphere. They're such an integral part of our trainers' lives, in many cases they become a part of their love stories.

We'll be featuring some stories of Good Dog! Puppy Love for Valentine's Day.

A Perfect Paw-Prosal: Brittney and Brad

Brad and I got engaged the day after a Good Dog! graduation in San Diego. He knows how much I dislike being the center of attention or he would have proposed at the graduation ceremony (haha!). I spent the week before graduation working at Team Training with our service dog teams and with both of our busy work schedules, we only got to talk on the phone for a few minutes each night.

After graduation, we took service-dogs-in-training Chelsea and Luka for a walk on the beach. Brad was getting ready to propose when two officers approached us to tell us that dogs were not allowed on the beach and asked us to leave. I could feel Brad grab my hand a little tighter and get really quiet, thinking that his plan was "ruined." At that point, I knew what he had in mind, and I was waiting.

We left the beach and then stopped at another beach in Encinitas, where he got down on one knee and said "This week has been really hard without even being able to talk to you, and it made me realize that I don't want to wait any longer and how much I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

To announce the engagement, I taught Chelsea to hold my engagement ring on her nose for a photograph, which required training her to stay very still. I used that picture as part of our engagement announcement.

Oh, did I mention - the ring is in the shape of a paw print! It was truly a perfect paw-prosal!

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