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I Look down and see My Dog

Originally posted on 4/29/2011

Have you ever noticed that when you loose a dog, the thing you miss the most is how there is no one following you around interested in everything you do? It’s an essence that is missing, a void. You feel it every time you bend down to get a pot out of the cupboard and there is no wet nose peering in as if to ask “whatcha gettin’?. I think the worst one though, is every time you return home, there is no exuberant wagging tail to greet you. This one took me a year to get used to when I lost Buddy. BUT, over the past month I have been experiencing the joy of having these moments return to my life. And, what a joy it had been to watch Elliot get to know his new friend. I am feeling so blessed to have Orbit in our lives. And I am feeling incredibly thankful to all of the amazing people who donated to make this possible for our family. So, to our donors we would like to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

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