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A Present? For me? How Smart.

Updated: May 5, 2020

Originally posted on 3/11/2011

11 am came quicker than I expected. Rick went to Lowe’s for a pooper-scooper shovel and I asked him to stop at Starbucks to get me a well-needed dose of caffeine. We left the front door open and before we knew it, there he was -- Orbit the dog was at our front door! I yelled into the family room, “Orbit is here.” I expected that Elliot would do his usual mosey to the front door... or not. But, he rounded that corner quickly -- Elliot rarely moves quickly. Cautiously and eagerly, Elliot approached Orbit and with a huge smile, reached down and petted him on the top of his head. E’s interest and smile lasted way longer than I would have ever expected. It was a great start to Orbit Friday!

Training began and Rick rocked it. Me... not so much. Good thing Tim and Elise are here for 3 more days! And for the record, Rick is the favorite and the Alpha, established today -- THE END. (Friends, do not worry about me, I am falling in love with my husband all over again watching him love the newest member of our pack, I am in heaven!)

As Tim, Elise, Rick and I sat at the kitchen table and discussed the schedule and logistics for the next 3 days; we all thought for sure Orbit would nap because he seemed exhausted! But instead, Orbit followed Elliot around as if getting to know his new playmate was the most important job in the world. He checked out the iPad, the train tracks, the sandbox, he walked on the trampoline and he got a full watering can be poured out on his head. All the time acting as if he knew this was HIS boy and this was HIS job.

Tim and Elise left, and again, we thought Orbit would crash. But instead, he followed us all around the house -- upstairs, downstairs, inside, out! Then, as if he knew that Elliot being interested in playing fetch for over 20 minutes was a miracle, he mustered up every bit of energy he had left to make it happen.

Next was dinner time, Orbit’s favorite time of day, after all he is a Lab! But with patience in tow, he watched as Elliot scooped out 4 cups. But I wasn’t sure Elliot scooped only 4 cups, so I had Elliot do it again, and again. Orbit watched calmly. Then Rick thought Elliot’s scoops were TOO heaping, so Orbit watched as we did it one last time. Alas, Elliot delivered his bowl and Orbit enjoyed his first meal in his forever home.

You will be happy to know that as I write this, Orbit now rests, cuddled up on Rick’s lap. As mentioned, Rick is the favorite. But as Elliot so clarified today “A present? For me? HOW SMART!” So we all know whose dog he really is.

And just when we thought the day couldn’t get any more magical, Elliot picked up Orbit’s leash, said “Let’s go, Orbit,” attached the leash to Orbit’s collar, (that boy misses nothing!) then he looked at me and said “let’s go, Mom,” then looked at Dad and said “Let’s go, Dad,” and we all took a ‘walk’ to the garage to re-explore the new doggie-door.

A present? For Elliot? How smart. How smart, indeed.

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