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Good Dog! Families' Good Deeds!

For GivingTuesday, we are sharing inspiring stories of Good Dog! Families making a difference in their communities!

Stefanie and Lilly:

Good Dog! Indy Jo’s Mom and girl!

Stefanie realized early on that her only child, Lilly was autistic. She researched everything that she could to enhance Lilly’s life and make it as amazing as possible, including getting her a service dog - Good Dog! IndyJo. Lilly is non-speaking and one of the things that Stefanie came across was the powerful impact that having an AAC device could have on Lilly’s life. She purchased and programmed Lilly’s AAC device without consultants or examples to guide her. However, Stefanie has not stopped preaching this magic of AAC since this finding. Stefanie and her cousin launched “Lilly’s Voice Inc.,” a nonprofit that provides AAC devices to children like Lilly who have not been able to get a device through traditional means. Since this launch in 2021, Lilly’s Voice Inc. has provided 315 AAC devices to children across the United States. When not devoting her life to all things Lillybug, Stefanie is the Director of Client Relations for a software company. She has worked at this software company for over 23 years and this is where she met Lilly’s dad.

Amanda and Cade:

Good Dog! Charlie’s Mom and boy! Amanda is Good Dog's Family Services Director

Amanda and Cade’s family volunteer as a family at the local Food Bank packaging food boxes for some people in their community. Cade also volunteers as a manager for the high school football team and spends the summer volunteering with the Junior Legion Baseball Team. Cade

loves helping these teams and wants to eventually pursue a career in managing/helping a sports team at the college level. Amanda’s family raised over $3,000 for an orphanage in South Sudan Africa, where her husband was stationed in 2022 and 2023. This money was used to help purchase mattresses, blankets, and other much-needed supplies for over 80 orphans who were living in shipping containers with no mattresses or blankets.

Carol and Sabrina

Good Dog! Romeo’s Mom and girl!

Good Dog! Romeo has been Sabrina’s Good Dog! for eight years now. During this time, he has provided unconditional love, cultivated friendships for Sabrina, and helped her build confidence. This amazing relationship that Sabrina has with Romeo has inspired her to volunteer at the local animal shelter. In this volunteer position, Sabrina can give back to animals waiting for homes, sharing all the love that Romeo has poured into her. Sabrina’s family feels that Romeo gives his all to Sabrina and that it is an honor to give back to animals on his behalf.


Good Dog! Orbit’s boy! Elliot’s family founded Good Dog! in 2011 after seeing the impact Orbit made on their lives!

Elliot now serves as a board member at Spellers Freedom Foundation, passionately champions the cause of nonspeakers, particularly those with autism, firmly believing in their inherent intelligence. He stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, showcasing how spelled communication unveils the true capabilities of nonspeakers, enabling them to demonstrate their intellect to the world. Elliot's unwavering dedication lies in empowering those who have not yet found their voice, serving as a guiding light for others on their journey towards self-expression and recognition of their immense potential.

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