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Bergin University

I had the honor and privilege of lecturing at Bergin University of Canine Studies this week. Bergin University is the only accredited academic institution in the world solely dedicated to advanced canine education and research. Most of our Good Dog! trainers are Bergin grads and since they don't have an autism service dog program, Bonnie asked me to guest lecture to the Associate Students. I gave a two hour lecture on autism on Monday and a two hour lecture on training autism service dogs on Tuesday.

What a huge honor to meet this woman! Bonnie Bergin invented the concept of the service dog, started CCI, followed by creating Bergin University for Canine Human Studies, the only accredited University of it's kind. What an honor indeed!

Pictured above: Best campus ever - every classroom door has a rope pull for the dogs & a water bowl Puppy petting is part of the job at Bergin. The students (& volunteers) touch the puppy all over to create new neuro pathways; stimulate their cells. The students were warm, receptive & graciously participated in all my exercises including today's visualization where I tried to help them feel the impact a service dog can have for a child & family in public. I am grateful for my time with them & wish them all rewarding careers in service!!

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