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Happy Tails

There's nothing more empowering than the love of family and a Good Dog!


"Sabrina has now joined the youth group with teens every Thursday night, something she could never do before Good Dog! Romeo. Excited and with great confidence she walks into the group with Romeo always to great greetings from the teens “Hey Sabrina, Hi Romeo” big smiles from the group, and Sabrina is once again welcomed back into the world, kids are happy to see her, not afraid of her and her differences, she is now supported and welcomed.  Doors are opening!"

"This week bicycling clicked for Adam and he rode all around the culdesac without help.  And when he got a moment of anxiety, Mom tried to calm him down and failed. But Good Dog! Siri was there for support and got him back to biking and smiling after just a few moments.  These two are so good together!"


"Having Aura has increased Aron's language and ability to express himself! It's raining here today, so I was planning on leaving Aura at home while I took the boys to school (she usually goes with us).  I put her in her kennel and as we were walking out the door Aron stopped and said "Aura?" I told him that it was raining so she was going to stay home.  He very clearly and directly told me, "No! Aura needs to come with us!" So, out of the kennel and along for the ride to school she came, wet, muddy paws and all!"

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