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The Good Dog! Guide to GivingTuesday

Elevate your fundraising efforts on GivingTuesday with this step-by-step guide and customizable resources.

What is


Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season. This is when many people focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.


GivingTuesday a great opportunity for you to promote your Good Dog! Fundraiser to your family's supporters! 

The most important thing to remember about GivingTuesday is that this is a day when people want to contribute to the causes that matter to them.


Your child and family are on the top of that list for many of your friends and family. Have fun and show them how they can celebrate this global day of giving while benefiting your child!

Save the Date!

NOVEMBER 29, 2022

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What is GivingTuesday?

Establish Your Goals

All successful fundraisers start with a goal. 

Think about what you would like to accomplish during this one-day fundraising campaign.


  • What specific amount do you want to fundraise in 24 hours? 

  • Is there a certain number of donations you'd like to reach?

  • How much money do you need to raise to get to your next fundraising milestone?

Be specific in your what you're asking for so your supporters can see a direct impact. Announcing your goal and how it benefits your child's Good Dog! campaign will help your supporters understand why it's important to rally behind you on this day. 

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Did you know? On average, fundraising campaigns featuring progress thermometers raise 35% more than those that don't. 

Engage your supporters by posting pictures and/or videos of your family holding colored-in dog bone thermometer when sharing your progress throughout the day. Please note, this asset was designed in Canva, so you will need a free account to access it.

Establish Your Goals

Embark with Email


Did you know? Over 50% of people who receive an email about a crowdfunding campaign will donate.

Save time with our pre-written email campaign. Simply customize these templates with your personal story. Use all the emails for a complete campaign, or just pick the ones that you feel most comfortable sending.

It comes as no surprise that with many people and organizations competing for attention and donations on GivingTuesday, it's imperative you find a way to stand out.

So how do you do that?

By sending compelling emails to your network to let them know about your Good Dog! fundraiser. 

Writing to your network won't be as scary as it seems if you keep to these simple guidelines:

  • Get noticed. Start your email with a clear, impactful subject line and headline at the top of your email. Your reader should understand what they are being asked to do with just a quick glance.

  • Share your story. Get specific while pulling at your reader's heartstrings. Use donor-centric language that shows how their donations make a real, life-changing impact on your child's life. Incorporate pictures and compelling quotes that make your message hard to ignore.

  • Make it easy to give. Include a brightly colored "Donate Now" button (or hyperlink) that takes your donor directly to your Good Dog! fundraising page. 

There are many email providers, like MailChimp and Constant Contact, that make it easy to send out professional-looking emails. They often have free account options available. Or, simply send a standard email from your regular provider.

Embark with Email

Magnify Thru Matching

Increase your donations by getting corporate involvement in your GivingTuesday campaign.


There are two ways you can utilize this in your efforts:


  • Corporate Matching Programs. Many companies have donation matching programs. When thanking your donors for their contribution, remind them to inquire with their employer for a donation match.

  • Campaign Sponsorship.  Ask a local company to sponsor your GivingTuesday campaign. They can host a fundraiser and/or they could match any donations you receive on GivingTuesday (up to a set amount). In exchange, you can create and send press releases to your local media highlighting their philanthropic endeavors in helping children receive autism service dogs.

We've made it easy for you! Download and customize our templated letter and press release to solicit a matching donor for your GivingTuesday campaign.


There are certain limitations to recognizing corporate sponsors. Please contact Kimberly if you are interested in getting campaign sponsorship.

Magnify Thru Matching

Be Socially Savvy

The big idea behind the  GivingTuesday movement is to harness the potential of social media and the generosity of people around the world to bring about real change. 

To help you easily garner the power of social media, we've created pre-written social media post ideas for your GivingTuesday fundraiser. Personalize these templates with your fundraising story, goals, pictures, and videos. 

Additionally, we've created some fun social media graphics you can customize with your fundraising information to go along with your social media posts. Please note, these assets were designed in Canva, so you will need a free account to access them.

Finally, we recommend the following strategies for maximizing the impact of your social media posts on GivingTuesday:

Be Socially Savvy
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