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Santa Paws Howliday Fundraiser Toolkit

For this fundraiser, Santa Paws is helping out Old Saint Nick by sending personalized letters to the special children in your donors' life. Each letter shares how excited Santa is to be visiting the child's location and praises them for something that they’ve done great this year. To make it official, Santa Paws also includes a “Nice List Certificate” with each letter sent. You can also include stickers and/or a thank you letter from your child/family acknowledging that a donation has been made to your service dog fundraiser. 



How it works:

  1. Determine the suggested minimum donation you'd like to set for each letter. 

  2. Create an online form to collect recipient information. Make sure the page redirects to your fundraiser URL once the donor submits the form. Here is an example form using the free version of Jot Form.

  3. Promote your fundraiser to your family, friends, and co-workers. Emphasize the December 10th cut-off date to ensure delivery by Christmas. We created Santa Paws social media templates to make this easy for you. 

  4. Personalize, print, and assemble the Santa Paws letters. Ensure a first-class mail stamp is affixed to each envelope and the return address says SANTA PAWS, NORTH POLE. Here is a link to our Santa Paws #10 envelope template.

  5. Place the Santa Paws envelopes into a larger envelope, with appropriate postage, and send it to: 




ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

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