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Only Good Dogs Can Run in the Bay-to-Breakers

by Rick Sylvester

GoodDog! would like to bark out a huge THANK YOU to the amazing team of ladies representing us as a centipede in the 2012 Bay to Breakers. You looked fabulous in your doggie running gear, rocked the event, and we are so very appreciative of your efforts in supporting our cause! It was a glorious day and a great time for all.

The 2012 Bay to Breakers GoodDog! Race Team. (From L-R): TJ, Adriane, Len, Arden, Tammi, Kathy, Lisa, Jody, Annette, Patty, Karen, Carolyn. Our elite athletes are fully caffeinated and spry in spite of the pre-dawn prep call.

Rigging up the two 40-foot-long GoodDog! centipede banners to each runner's hips. This will be a test of both endurance and coordination. Locked in, looking great, and ready to run like the wind!!!

Months of grueling physical training and intense psychological preparation (or maybe not) come down to this. The team gets their game faces on as they reach the official starting line.

WOW! They ran past everyone to take the GOLD! WOOOHOOOO! Team GoodDog! you have just won the Bay to Breakers Canine Costume Centipede Division - what are you gonna do next?…....DOG PEEEEEEEE!!!

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