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NFAR San Diego Race for Autism

Every year we support the San Diego Race for Autism. Being a San Diego autism family and organization we appreciate that 100% of Race proceeds stay right here, funding local research, programs, and autism resources for hundreds of San Diego classrooms. PLUS, it's a SUPER event. This year we were invited to help promote the event on Fox News! Orbit dressed as a Super Hero, this year's theme, and we all got to sample Ben and Jerry's ice cream, a sponsor of the event!

But of course the event itself was the best part. Seeing the kids faces light up when they see and pet the dogs is so magical. Our favorite quote was from a 13 year old race runner (pictured below): "That's what dogs are, they always love me." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

"That's what dogs are, they always love me." - 13 year old racer

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