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Help a Family

Your gift helps provide a family with much more than a service dog; your help provides a bridge for a child and their family to live a better life.

How much does it cost to change a life?


Good Dog! invests an average of $32,000 to raise, care and train each dog as well as educate and support each family. Currently, we add 8-10 new teams to the Good Dog! Family each year in addition to supporting our active Good Dog! Teams. That means we must raise up to $320,000 annually. To help us offset these costs, our families agree to raise a minimum of $16,000 each. Many families choose to fundraise this amount with the help of our resources and fundraising coach. Good Dog! provides families in need with scholarships to cover the remaining costs of their service dog program.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Good Dog! Family Scholarship Fund helps sustain our programs and makes a direct impact on a family by providing a better quality of life for their child with a disability. 

Help a Family in Need Today!


Brody's radiant smile lights up the hearts of everyone he comes across. He has a rare chromosomal disorder and needs a service dog to help him with his daily living skills.


Ella is a creative child who loves crafting and singing her favorite songs. She needs an autism service dog to help her with everyday activities like going on public outings.

Hailee's Heroic Hound Service Dog Fundraiser.png

Hailee is the best hugger and high-five pro you’ll ever meet! She needs an autism service dog to mitigate challenges with communication, sensory overload, and social interactions.


Moses embraces each day with unrelenting determination and sweet laughter. He needs a service dog to help him navigate living with multiple conditions.

C Profile Picture.png

C is a bright and thoughtful teen who enjoys reading books and playing video games.  He needs a service dog to help him mitigate challenges with Autism and Selective Mutism.

Profile Picture.png

Emery is a silly, caring, and fun-loving kid who is full of determination. He needs a service dog to help him mitigate challenges with Down syndrome.


Kylie is a beautiful, bright-eyed little girl who illuminates her family's life with love. She needs a service dog to support her multiple conditions and help her receive the same kindness she so freely gives to others.


Scott is a tenderhearted kid who loves outdoor exploring with his family. He needs an autism service dog to help ground him and manage his unpredictable emotions.

Dash Profile.png

Dash is a kind, creative, and quite simply an incredible little boy who loves spending time with his family. He needs a service dog to help him engage with the world around him.


George is a bright-eyed, go-with-the-flow kid who loves to be outdoors. He needs a service dog to help him mitigate challenges with Autism and ADHD.

Logan Getts Profile Picture.png

Logan is the professional snuggler of his family, who loves to amaze everyone in the least expected ways. He needs an autism service dog to help him live his best life in a more welcoming neurotypical world.


Stella is the sprightly star of her adoring family. She has DDX3X Syndrome and needs the support of a service dog for many areas impacted by her rare condition.




All gifts are received with the greatest of gratitude from us all.

Good Dog! Autism Companions DBA: Good Dog! Service Canines is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization.
Federal Identification Number:  #45-2627922

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