Career Opportunities

Welcome potential team member! Thank you for considering joining our team. We are a group of people who believe and trust in the power of the human-canine bond; each devoting our unique gifts to the cause of making life better for others in need.


Title: Dog Training Manager

Job Status: Part-time with an option for full-time exempt

Location: Remote in the U.S

Reports to: Associate Director

We are looking for a Dog Training Manager to lead the Training Department who is eager to improve our processes, standards, and resources as well as train dogs and support other trainers. This person must have an entrepreneurial spirit, be open to feedback, and be eager to build on our existing program in accordance with Assistance Dogs International standards.


Title: Service Dog Finishing Trainer

Job Status: Independent Contractor Location: Remote in the U.S.

Contact: Training Manager


Are you an experienced Service Dog Trainer looking to train service dogs on your own but in conjunction with a remote team? We are looking for Contract Finishing Trainers to complete training for dogs preparing to graduate as service dogs. Finishing Trainers house and care for the dogs during this time, age 14 months to 22 months, approximately. Must have successful completion of Apprentice Trainer program at Good Dog! Service Canines or Certification as a trainer through an organization accredited by Assistance Dogs International and/or trained a minimum of 4 successful placements of service dogs with clients.


Title: San Diego Puppy Raiser Area Lead

Job Status: Independent Contractor

Location: San Diego, CA

Reports to: Puppy Raiser Program Manager


Are you an experienced Service Dog Trainer in San Diego looking for a fun part-time gig working with puppies and volunteers? We are looking for San Diego Puppy Raiser Area Lead to run our San Diego Puppy Raiser program. You will hold in-person training classes at least 2x/month in the San Diego area. Must have experience training puppies with relationship-based, positive dog training techniques, successful completion of Apprentice Trainer program at Good Dog! Service Canines or have a minimum of 2 years experience running a service dog puppy raiser program.


Title: Apprentice Trainer

Job Status: Volunteer

Reports to: Training Manager

Location: Remote in the U.S.

Interested in a career as a service dog trainer, but have little to no service dog training experience? Then our volunteer Apprentice Trainer program may be for you! At Good Dog! Service Canines, we like to invest in our trainers! We provide dog trainers, with the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to fully train a service dog from puppy to a graduate! Must have previous professional dog training experience, a degree from Bergin University of Canine Studies, or experience raising multiple puppies as a puppy raiser with a service or guide dog organization.



We use only positive training methods for our dogs, no prong collars, collar corrections or fear or pain-based training of any kind. We use Bonnie Bergin's training methods and philosophies as taught at Bergin University of Canine Studies

We are a candidate of Assistance Dogs International and follow their guidelines for dog training and care, and team and support standards.  

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