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Become a Puppy Sitter

”Happiness is a warm puppy.”

                 - Charles M. Schultz


Our puppy sitting program provides a unique opportunity for you to assist Good Dog! in helping children and families living with autism. This is an exciting opportunity for volunteers who want to work with Good Dog! Service dogs in training, but cannot make the significant time commitment to become a Puppy Raiser.  


As a volunteer Puppy Sitter, you will “puppy sit” the dog on occasion for short periods of time when a Trainer or volunteer Puppy Raiser is unavailable to care for the dog (up to one week at a time).  While you are puppy sitting, you will provide a puppy with a safe home, feed them a healthy diet, socialize them and give them lots of love.  As a puppy sitter, you will not be expected to train the dog, but will ensure the dog continues its basic obedience and manners while with you.  You may take the dog places where dogs are allowed, but will not have public access to take the dogs in public such as restaurants or stores.


Volunteer Position

Puppy Sitter

Reports to

Puppy Raiser Area Lead or Trainer


On occasion for short periods of time (up to one week at a time)

Available Locations


  • Bakersfield



You must be willing to attend at least one Orientation or in-person Puppy Class prior to puppy sitting.


The Trainer or Puppy Raiser will provide necessary food and supplies during the time you puppy sit.  Puppy Sitters will not be expected to pay for any costs for puppy sitting, unless you choose to purchase your own supplies.  

If you are located in an area that has a Good Dog! Puppy Raiser program and are interested in becoming a Puppy Sitter - THANK YOU for your interest. 

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