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Service Dog Finishing Trainer

”Choose a career you love and you will never work a day in your life.“


Good Dog! Service Canines helps children with disabilities and their families live better lives through service dog companionship.  We are a nationwide team of individuals with a shared love for the human-canine bond and passion to empower those dealing with disabilities.  


Job Title

Service Dog Finishing Trainer

Job Status

Independent Contractor Position

Organization Contact

Dog Training Manager


Remote in U.S.


The Service Dog Finishing Trainer is an independent contractor position that supports the Good Dog! Service Canines mission by completing the service dog training for dogs preparing to graduate as service dogs.  The Finishing Trainer will be assigned a dog that will live with the trainer for 6-10 months, depending on the length of training needed. The Finishing Trainer will be responsible for training assigned service dog commands, including custom tasks, advanced obedience training, and public access training.  This Trainer must also be able to utilize techniques to modify problem-behavior. 


We are looking for experienced Service Dog Trainers eager to train service dogs independently from your home location with the support and collaboration of a remote team. This is an exciting opportunity for trainers who are passionate about our mission, work well remotely, and have experience using relationship-based, positive dog training techniques. 


New Finishing Trainers must start with one dog at a time and after successfully graduating one dog, may train more than one dog at a time based on the trainer’s ability to safely house, train, and care for multiple dogs.



1. Responsible for training of all assigned dogs, including:

  • Train dog on all assigned commands, including basic & advanced obedience, public access service dog commands, core disability and custom tasks in accordance with Assistance Dogs International (ADI) training standards. 

  • Provide appropriate socialization and desensitization necessary for dog to become a service dog.

  • Conduct public access training appropriate for developmental and training level.

  • Modify behavior problems to ensure the dog meets the requirements for service dog work in accordance with ADI standards.


2. Responsible for dog veterinary care and health (costs covered by Good Dog!)

  • Schedule & take dogs to the veterinarian for all exams.

  • Administer approved medications as needed. 

  • Provide dog with approved food and supplements.

  • Administer approved preventatives (ie: heartworm, flea, tick).


3. Responsible for board and care of dog 

  • Provide a safe and appropriate home environment for dog to live with you for the duration of the training. 

  • May use approved Dog Sitter when needed.


4. Submit required documentation to report on assigned dogs’ training progress, including but not limited to:

  • Update training log.

  • Update Medical & Health information per vet visits or change in health.

  • Upload training videos.

  • Attend and contribute to team meetings as available.

  • Complete benchmark evaluations to determine eligibility for graduation. 


5. Support the matching and placement of assigned dogs

  • Provide information on dog profiles to assist in the matching of clients and dogs. 

  • Provide input on supplies necessary for team training/homecoming. 

  • Submit video of dog performing all finished commands prior to Team Training.

  • Communicate ongoing with Good Dog! staff regarding inquiries and updates on the dog’s progress. 


6. Assist with transport and delivery of dogs to team training (costs covered by Good Dog!)


7. Assist with the ongoing support of graduate dog teams

  • Answer follow-up support questions specific to each dog as needed.



  • Must have successful completion of the Apprentice Trainer program at Good Dog! Service Canines or Certification as a trainer through an organization accredited by Assistance Dogs International and/or trained a minimum of 4 successful placements of dogs with clients.

  • Knowledge of, and experience using relationship-based, positive dog training and behavior modification techniques.

  • Knowledge of best practices in canine behavior, canine care and safety.

  • Self-starter and independent worker but enjoys collaboration with others.

  • Able to house and care for the dog(s) you are training for 6-10 months at a time.

  • Respects and maintains privileged confidential information.

Essential Requirements

  • Physically capable of handling dogs up to 80 pounds, the agility to move quickly, climb stairs, operate office equipment and computers with ease, and the ability to get up and down easily while working and playing with the dogs.

  • Must have access to the internet, a smartphone, and computer with video capabilities.

Good Dog! Service Canines does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, disability, age, genetic condition, marital status, military status, or any other protected status.


As an Independent Contractor, you are responsible for following the state and federal regulations that apply to your location.

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