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No On

Originally posted on 3/13/2011

So, in case anyone thought that my morning rendition of Everything’s Coming Up Roses, was a bit mushy -- I will let you know that right now I am SO sick of my kid!!!

We had a big day of public access training with lots of talking and high-stimulus places, (Elliot prefers quiet non-verbal moments at home). So now he is tapped out and I think he has said “No On” 542 times since we got home. And unfortunately for us, Elliot got my vocal chords - loud and clear!! So not only does he repeat it but it is LOUD!

Luckily Brooklyn is coming to babysit Elliot so Rick, Orbit and I can go out to dinner and get some more public access training with Tim and Elise. Thank God cuz Momma needs a break! I am really trying hard to focus on my gratitude for this break I will soon receive, but “No On” over and over is like fingernails scrapping the chalkboard over and over again.

I will now attempt to tell you about our public access training outings, but you will have to excuse my writing as my background sounds are not conducive to concentration or creativity!

Islands was great fun, Orbit got lots of attention on our way in. I was in charge of Orbit and had a hard time getting him to go under the table but once he did he laid, (I think slept) under the table the whole time we ate. He is an incredible dog and it is so obvious that Rick and I are the ones in training. Orbit can do everything perfectly but he has to make sure we learn so he resists us sometimes, another personal teacher I suppose. Good thing Tim and Elise are here to coach us!! 

At the grocery store Rick took the leash and the whole family shopped. I was so focused on Elliot and the shopping I can’t tell you how he did, but I’m sure he rocked it.

That’s it for now. And, just in case you were curious, Yes, Elliot is still repeating “No On”. Good Luck, Brooklyn -- I’m outta here!!

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