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Dog! Teams

Join a team and unleash a world of opportunities for a child with the help of a service dog!


Join a team by sponsoring a dog's name or by giving a recurring (monthly, quarterly or annually) donation. As a Good Dog! team member you will receive exclusive email updates on your dog that may include photos, training videos, growth charts, and special accomplishment messages. Which team will you join? Meet the dogs below!

Hagrid Profile.png
Team Hagrid

Contributing Breeder:
Rooster Valley Labradors


Nickname Sponsor:
The Mills Family


Chris Webb

Team Members:

This could be you!

Team London

Nickname Sponsor:
Ashley Carroll in honor of her good friend Cindy Comstock London who is fighting cancer.


Ashley Carroll

Apprentice Trainer:

Michele Rielly

Team Members:
This could be you!

Team Kalani

Nickname Sponsor:
In honor of Brooklyn - Elliot

Finishing Trainer:

Ashley Carroll


Apprentice Trainer:

Michele Rielly

Team Members:

​Elliot Sylvester
Bache Family
Bordonaro Family
Bryson Family
Ashley Carroll
Sharla Harvey

Inocencio Family
Kuperschmid Family
Paula Perich
Sirianni Family
Liz Venuto

Margarita Profile.png
Team Margarita

Nickname Sponsor:

Bob Berg & Paul Sibel

Team Leader:

Brittney Micely


Puppy Raiser:
Lori Carr

Team Members:

Phil Bold

Grant Brakesman

Jay Clark

Patrick Danehy

David & Sally Disney

Bonnie Disney

Cary Filsinger

Judith Griffiths

Connie Hancock

Mary Hurtig

Mark Ingram

Nancy Jackson

Kurt Jackson

Jon Jahr

Clare Piaget

Stefan Pisk

George Protos

Annie Reutinger

Jim Riche

Melissa Riche

Michael Ropozo

Hector Salvador

Rick Shea

Craig Sweeney

Team Legend

Donating Breeder:
Project 2 Heal

Nickname Sponsor:
Laura Sarvinski


Team Leader:

Brittney Micely


Puppy Raisers:
Angelina & Sheyla

Team Members:

Ashley Carroll
Stefanie Gonzalez
Barbara Marucci
Morgan Musser
Laura Sarvinski

Vanessa Surprise
Elliot Sylvester
Mayhugh Tees
The Wyatt Family




All gifts are received with the greatest of gratitude from us all.

Good Dog! Autism Companions DBA: Good Dog! Service Canines is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization Federal Identification Number:  #45-2627922

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